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Daniel Nüst - 52N
Dear Geostatistics Community!

I'd like to announce here as well that the Geostatistics community has a
new software project called Greenland [1][2]. Greenland is a dynamic map
viewer for uncertainty- and quality-aware geodata and is developed
within the research projects UncertWeb and GeoViQua.

It was orginally developed within UncertWeb as the "VISS client",
however, when development within GeoViQua started we decided to move
this very promising piece of software one level up in the SVN hierarchy
[3] to a top level project independent of the supporting research projects.

Take a look at the online demo [4] and try it for yourself using the
live examples [5] - comments (questions, suggestions, interest in
collaboration) are very welcome!

Best regards,
Daniel Nüst for the Greenland Development Team [6]
(Please let me know if any name is missing on that list!)


Daniel Nüst
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