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SOS 2.0.0 Support

 Hi List,
I am writing to find out is SOS4R support SOS 2.0.0 ?  I have installed SOS (svn revision 10800)downloaded a and tested sos4R with SOS installed, the summary listed the SOS version as 1.0.0.  only ?
Thanks & Regards,

Florence Tan
Research Projects Officer | ASRDC
CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering

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Re: SOS 2.0.0 Support

Daniel Nüst - 52N
Hi Florence,

Am 05.01.2012 07:38, schrieb [hidden email]:
> I am writing to find out is SOS4R support SOS 2.0.0?  I have installed
> SOS (svn revision 10800), downloaded a and tested sos4Rwith SOS
> installed, the summary listed the SOS version as 1.0.0.  only ?

sos4R does not yet support SOS 2.0. Naturally that is on the roadmap
(once SOS 2.0 is actually a standard), but there is no plan to implement
that yet.
Is there something in particular that is of interest for you in the SOS
2.0 spec?


Daniel Nüst
52° North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH
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