WPS4R doesnt seem to work

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WPS4R doesnt seem to work

Girija Kalyani
Dear Group,

Im using 52N-WPS on Windows platform with R-backend. 
Rserve seems to work well and wps too(within eclipse as mentioned in documentation).But I am unable to integrate WPS and R. I even added a repository manually and set the Rserve properties, but when I restart the server, neither the added repository nor the set up appears. 
I have deployed my R-sccript manually, into the webapps but in order to view that, I again need to add the repository, I would be glad if anyone sort out my problem.
Thanx in advance. Awaiting!

Research in National Remote Sensing Centre, ISRO
Master of Science in Geo-Informatics, University of Twente
Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology, JNTU

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