devtools::install_github("52North/sensorweb4R", build_vignettes =TRUE)

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devtools::install_github("52North/sensorweb4R", build_vignettes =TRUE)

Dear all, 

I'm new of the forum. I just tried to install

from R console with the build of the vignette typing: 

 devtools::install_github("52North/sensorweb4R", build_vignettes =TRUE)

and occurs the following error (see balow) message when building the vignette:

* creating vignettes ... ERROR
Loading required package: sensorweb4R
Welcome to sensorweb4R! The logging level is INFO - set it with 'flog.threshold(<level>, name = "sensorweb4R")'
Quitting from lines 229-239 (sensorweb4R.Rmd) 
Error: processing vignette 'sensorweb4R.Rmd' failed with diagnostics:
Interval or Period objects cannot be used as input to 'period' constructor. Plese use 'as.duration'.
Execution halted
Error: Command failed (1)

With build_vignette=FALSE it was installed witn no problems. 
This are  my R version info:

> unlist(R.Version())
                      platform                           arch 
         "x86_64-pc-linux-gnu"                       "x86_64" 
                            os                         system 
                   "linux-gnu"            "x86_64, linux-gnu" 
                        status                          major 
                            ""                            "3" 
                         minor                           year 
                         "3.0"                         "2016" 
                         month                            day 
                          "05"                           "03" 
                       svn rev                       language 
                       "70573"                            "R" 
                version.string                       nickname 
"R version 3.3.0 (2016-05-03)"       "Supposedly Educational" 

Is something missing to build the vignette? 

Thank you 



Emanuele Cordano, PhD
Environmental Engineer / Ingegnere per l' Ambiente e il territorio nr.
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